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First Meeting of the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC) of the International Mathematical Union held at Konrad Zuse Zentrum in Berlin, November 13-14, 1998

The major part was devoted to a workshop on electronic information and communication.

  1. Views of the Future
    Presentations of the members of CEIC
  2. Presentation of Special EIC Activities in Germany
    • Physics.
    • Chemistry.
    • Sociology and Pedagogy.
    • Scientific Libraries.
    • EMIS.
  3. The Math-Net Project in Germany
    • Structured Homepages/Organizational Issues.
    • Harvesting information.
    • Meta Data and related issues.
  4. About the LANL-Server
    The CEIC, in an internal session, formulated the following tasks for its future work:
    1. CEIC web presence.
    2. Setting up the personal infrastructure in different countries.
    3. Coordination of preprint servers, including Metadata, DOI, and naming schemes.
    4. MathNet propagation
      Promoting the setup of secondary homepages for: departments, research institutes, individuals. These secondary homepages should include searchable metadata.
    5. A conference on electronic information and publication in the fall of 1998.
    6. Copyright and other intellectual property rights for individual authors.
      To review the intellectual property issues involved in author's contract, and make recommendations, which should (if feasible) include a model contract not relating to any particular legal system.
  5. Vision
    Eventually, the world directory of mathematicians could be be compiled by harvesting the secondary homepages of individuals or institutions. Electronically available preprints (on distributed servers) with abstracts could be indexed and searched for. Software can be indexed and searched for.
  6. Topics to be looked after later
    • new models of refereeing.
    • archiving for mathematical software and other.
    • educational material.


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